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Headshots & Close-ups

Head shot portraits are commonly used in “about us” pages and many people represent themselves using head shots in social media. Other usage include online dating profile pictures. Actors often have a printed head shot with an attached résumé for auditions or an online presence in a casting workbook. Head shots are typically medium close-up photographs which show the top of the shoulders up to above the head. In a typical head shot the eyes will be in the top, middle half of the photo according to the rule of thirds.

Close-up portraits are similar but do not have to include the entire head.


Artistic Portraits

Artistic Portraiture describes any image taken by a camera where the intention is artistic rather that realistic.Known also as “photographic art”, “artistic photography” etc., the term “Artistic Portraiture” has no universally agreed meaning or definition: rather, it refers to an imprecise category of photos, created with the creative vision of the photographer. The basic idea behind artistic portraiture is that instead of merely capturing a realistic rendition of the subject, the photographer is aiming to produce a more personal impression.

Environmental Portraiture

An Environmental portrait is a portrait executed in the subject’s usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and typically illuminates the subject’s life and surroundings.

By photographing a person in their natural surroundings, it is thought that you will be able to better illuminate their character, and therefore portray the essence of their personality, rather than merely a likeness of their physical features. It is also thought that by photographing a person in their natural surroundings, the subject will be more at ease, and so be more conducive to expressing themselves, as opposed to in a studio, which can be a rather intimidating and artificial experience.

Artistic exchange - our time for yours

Under the right circumstances we would be willing to exchange our time for yours. We are people photographers, we make our living getting the perfect photos of our clients. We are constantly experimenting with new ideas and we are always looking for inspiration in our work. We lean towards the artistic image and photos that evoke emotion and life. We are always looking for people who want to volunteer some of their time to help us experiment with various artistic lighting effects and set ups. If you are tired of settling for selfies and would like to donate some of your time, we would consider donating some of ours in the quest of those artistic/experimental images. Please contact us for more information.